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1 Gig Service

Kentucky's First
1-Gig City!

EPB Smartnet is proud to be the first provider in the state of Kentucky to offer fiber-optic gigabit internet service, making Russellville one of only a handful of 1-Gig communities across the country. We offer the fastest internet speeds in the state and are tied with a few international communities for fastest in the world.

What exactly is 1-Gig?

1-Gig stands for one gigabit—or 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). 

Megabits are the size of your data—the pictures you download and upload, the shows you stream, and the videos you watch on your computer, phone and tablet. A two hour movie will be larger in size than one photo, for example.

Why does it matter?

We’re glad you asked. EPB’s 1-Gig service means you can do more of what you want—videos, pictures, voice, online gaming, business video conferences and file transfers—and still get the fastest service speeds available. No more waiting for a file to download or site to load.

40xfasterimage.jpgHow fast is 1-Gig?

The average internet speed in the U.S. is around 18 Mpbs. EPB offers you speeds up to 1,000 Mpbs. 

With EPB Smartnet 1-Gig service, you get internet speeds that are more than 40 times faster than average speeds across the nation. Think of our 1-Gig fiber-optic network as state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure—the super highway of internet speed.

Let’s put it in perspective. Check out these speeds for common online activities.* 

Speed Comparison

MediaSize5 Mbps10 Mbps20 Mbps100 MbpsEPB 1-Gig Fiber 1,000 Mbps
4 Minute Song4 MB5 sec3 sec1.5 sec0.3 sec0.03 sec
5 Minute Video30 MB40 sec26 sec13 sec2.5 sec0.2 sec
9 Hour Audiobook110 MB2 min1.5 min46 sec9.2 sec0.9 sec
45 Minute TV Show200 Mb5 min3 min1.5 min16 sec1.7 sec
45 Minute HDTV Show600 MB15 min8.5 min4 min50 sec5 sec
2 Hour Movie1-1.5 GB24 min21.5 min10.5 min1.5 min8 sec
2 Hour HD Movie2-4.5 GB72 min60 min32 min4.5 min25 sec

*All speeds are estimates and may vary depending on external factors.

1-Gig service means you can do so much more with your time, whether it’s grow your business or simply enjoy some entertainment. The possibilities are endless.

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