270-726-2466 • Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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General Manager - Dale Vowell

Executive Assistant/H&PR - Valerie Cross

Customer Service - Christina Rothe, Ali Shoulders, Kim S. Reeves, Jeremy Sandlin, Tammy Steele

Customer Service Tammy Steele, Christi Rothe, Shea Costello, Erica Bedel

Electric - John Byrns, Mark Venable, Chris Thomas, Jesse Steenbergen

Electric - Continued - Mike Chesnut, Alan Jones

Telecom - Jason Owen, John Cornelius, Devon Pehm, Josh Bell, Cody Riddle

Telecom - Continued - Cameron Gunderson, Logan Alsip

Accounting - Stacey Cundiff, Brian Erickson

support-csr.pngCustomer Support


outage.png REPORT AN OUTAGE — 270-726-2466

In the event of an after hours outage or service issue, please call

270-726-2466 and press 1 for the Electric Department

or press 2 for our Telecom Department.