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TV Issue Report

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An issue has been identified for some TV customers with multiple Set-Top Boxes/DVRs.


Skipping in both Audio and Video



As TV quality from our upstream providers has increased over the last several years the total demand for our Set-Top boxes/Dvrs to process and display their content has also significantly increased.

With the way our TV delivery system operates, having multiple boxes connected to one another in your home will cause a flood of traffic to these boxes causing "lag" or skipping to occur.



For the time being we encourage our customers to physically power off (Power switch or unplug from the wall) all but 3 (max) Set-Top Boxes that are not in use.


You have a Set-Top Box in every bedroom, Livingroom and Kitchen, however you don't watch the Set-Top boxes in the guest rooms unless guests are staying. 

In this example we would encourage you to physically power off the boxes not in use either by unplugging them from power or using the power switch located on the back of the boxes on some models.



We understand that this is not a perfect solution and we are working to bring our TV delivery system up to modern day specifications however this will take time to complete.

Thank you for understanding while we work to resolve this issue and bring you a better overall viewing experience in the near future.

Thank you for your cooperation

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