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Email End of Life

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Due to policy changes at Google and their G-Suite accounts the EPB of Russellville will no longer be able to provide email accounts to our customers, past or present.
We highly encourage you to create a new account here: Gmail Account Creation
Once your new account is created we will no longer be affiliated with your email address and will not be able to assist you with password recovery on your new account therefore, It is highly recommended that you set up password recovery with a cell phone number or alternate email address.
If you already have an alternative email address or created your new account we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set up email forwarding from your existing epbnet email address to your new email. (See Below)
Set up Forwarded Emails
-Log into your epbnet email from the web here: Gmail
-Click the Gear Cog Icon at the top right of the screen.
-Click "See all settings"
-Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAPimage.png
-Click on "Add a forwarding address"
-Type in your new email address and click Next.
-Confirm the email address and click Proceed
-You will then need to log into your new email address and confirm that you wish to receive emails forwarded from your email address before you will start to receive emails.
If you need additional forwarding assistance click here: Gmail Forwarding
We will begin the purge/deletion of email addresses effective on 05/01/22
Once your old email has been removed you will cease to receive emails from the account via forwarding. During this time please communicate to your email contacts that they will need to reach out to you via this new email.
Any phone, tablets, windows PC's, Apple iPhones, iPads, Macs that have been registered with the email address will need to be migrated over to your newly created email address.
***Use this opportunity to change your Apple ID if it was set up using an email address, you can contact Apple for customer assistance****
Any backups that use Google Drive on the old email address will need to be migrated to the new email account.
We highly encourage any persons that can not complete this task themselves seek professional IT assistance in order to avoid any loss of data. The Russellville EPB will NOT assist in data migration.
The Russellville EPB will not be responsible for any loss of data before or after the effective termination date. owns and operates the G-SUITE email accounts. All data backed up on Google Drive or any Gmail hosted email service is located in Google's Data Center. 
Additional Gmail account information can be found here
We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.
Thank you.
-EPB Smartnet Telecommunications Team

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