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Residential Phone


Basic Dial Tone

Our dial tone only plan is great for using a stand alone fax machine or if you just want the absolute basic!  

Long Distance rate of $0.05 per minute


Basic Dial tone + 5 Pack Features

5 Pack Features include: Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Return, Speed Dialing, and Call Forwarding.

Long Distance rate of $0.05 per minute


Basic Dial tone + all features + Unlimited LD Minutes

All features include: Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Anonymous Call Rejection, Speed Dialing.


support-csr.pngCustomer Support


outage.png REPORT AN OUTAGE — 270-726-2466

In the event of an after hours outage or service issue, please call

270-726-2466 and press 1 for the Electric Department

or press 2 for our Telecom Department.