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Discontinuation of Television Service

Dear Valued Customer,

In October we notified customers of the possible discontinuation of our television service in the upcoming year. We regret to inform you that effective December 31, 2023, the Russellville EPB will no longer be a provider of television service. As indicated in the previous letter, the pay-television industry and EPB have been greatly impacted by a declining customer base and rising costs of content. In order to operate efficiently, as well as distribute a quality channel line-up, it would be necessary to continue significantly increasing our customer rates.

Russellville EPB SmartNet Internet and Voice services will NOT be affected by this change. If you are interested in utilizing our internet services for streaming your favorite channels, please visit or contact us at (270)726-2466. It has been our privilege to serve you as a television customer, and we will gladly assist you in any way possible during this transition. All television equipment will need to be returned to the EPB before or upon the date of discontinuation.

Sincerely, Russellville EPB SmartNet

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