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TV Troubleshooting Guide

Helpful tips on troubleshooting your Television

1. Verify that the issue is happening on all Televisions.

2. Investigate your Set Top Box

     -Does it have power? 

     -Are all of the cables plugged in correctly?

3. Investigate your Switch

     -Does it have power?

     -Are all of the Ethernet cables plugged in correctly?

4. Is you TV tuned to the wrong input?

     -Does it say "NO INPUT

     -Is it on HDMI 1 - 2 - 3 etc..

     -Press the TV Input button on the remote, did your inputs display on the screen?

     -Press the TV Input button again to cycle to the next input, repeat until all inputs have been tested.

5. Still having issues? 

     - Please call us so that we may assist in resolving your issues.

Need to report a channel outage? 

Please fill out this form or call us at the office to inform us of a channel outage!

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