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Understanding Your Equipment

In our network eco-system we utilize something called FTTH, (Fiber To The Home), this means that we run a fiber from our Network Operation Center directly to your home or business. At the end of the fiber there is a device called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal), this device can be outside your home in our gray enclosures or it could be your "router".

ONT: Optical Network Terminal - Used to convert fiber to copper connections such as Ethernet

Router: Used for routing traffic from your LAN to the WAN, modern day routers produce WiFi and have extra ethernet ports on the back for hardwiring your devices to the network

Switches: Used for expanding your physical connections to the network. Typically used in network settings that require more than 4 cables be connected. We typically use them in TV customers homes to connect the STB to our network.

We use Calix OEM equipment, check out the equipment below.




ONT - 844G


ONT - 803G
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