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Smart Pay


EPB SmartPay gives customers a whole new way to pay for their electricity usages. Rather than receiving a normal monthly electric bill, customers can pay as much as or as little as they choose to “load” money onto their account. Truly a service. Each day’s electricity usage is deducted from the account. When the account balance gets low, simply load more money onto the account. Text or email notifications can be set up when the balance falls to a selected level.

This is also a power awareness program available to all EPB customers. This program gives you the POWER to save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation and monitoring.

Through the program you can see the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. You can view your daily use for the last 30 days along with the high and low temperatures for the day, and can set up email and mobile alerts for daily use and use that exceeds a limit that you specify.

You have the POWER!

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