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Commercial Voice Packages

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Subject to Taxes & Fees

Basic Dial Tone

Our dial tone only plan is great for using a stand alone fax machine or if you just want the absolute basic!  

Long Distance rate of $0.05 per minute




Subject to Taxes & Fees

Basic Dial Tone + 5 Pack Features

5 Pack Features include: Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Return, Speed Dialing, and Call Forwarding.

Long Distance rate of $0.05 per minute

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Subject to Taxes & Fees

Basic Dial tone + all features + 2,000 Long Distance Minutes Included

All features include: Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Anonymous Call Rejection, Speed Dialing.




When using EPB Smartnet or any other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service for 911 dialing, it's important to understand how it differs from traditional (basic) 911 and Enhanced 911 (E911) services. These differences can have significant implications during an emergency. Informing household residents, guests, and other third parties present at your location about these distinctions is crucial for ensuring everyone's safety. Here’s a detailed explanation to help you communicate these important differences and limitations:


Key Differences and Limitations of VoIP 911 Dialing


Dependence on Power and Internet Connectivity

- Traditional 911/E911: Operates through dedicated phone lines and is typically available even during a power outage, assuming traditional landline phones that do not require external power are used.

- VoIP 911 Dialing: Relies on your home's power and internet connection. If either the power goes out or your internet connection fails, 911 dialing may not be available through your VoIP service.


Location Information May Not Be Automatically Available

- Traditional E911: Automatically provides your location and callback number to the emergency dispatcher.

- VoIP 911 Dialing: May not automatically transmit your exact location or phone number to the emergency personnel. This can delay emergency response if you are unable to verbally provide your address or if the call is disconnected.


Registration of Physical Location

- VoIP Services: Require you to manually update your physical location with the service provider if you move the device to a different location. Failure to update your location could lead to emergency services being dispatched to your old address.


Potential for Delays

- VoIP 911 Calls: Might be routed differently from traditional 911 calls, potentially leading to delays in reaching the correct emergency dispatch center.


Communication Tips

When informing others in your household or guests about using a VoIP service like EPB Smartnet for 911 calls, emphasize the following:

- Always have a mobile phone or traditional landline available as a backup for emergency calls, if possible.

- Make sure everyone knows the physical address of your location, including apartment or unit numbers, to provide to emergency services if necessary.

- Regularly verify and update the registered location with your VoIP service provider, especially after moving the VoIP device or changing your place of residence.

- Discuss the importance of maintaining internet connectivity and power supply for the VoIP service, including the potential use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for modems and VoIP devices.


By ensuring that all residents and guests understand these differences and limitations, you can enhance the safety and preparedness of everyone in your household.

Notice for 911 availability over VoIP

At this time we only accept new service requests in person at our office.

If you have questions or are curious as to whether or not we service your area, please call us at (270) 726-2466.

All Fiber Services outside of our Electric Power grid will have a $5.00 surcharge applied to their monthly bill.

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