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History of the Russellville EPB

The Electric Plant Board of the City of Russellville, Kentucky, was created by City ordinance, dated July 7, 1942, pursuant to authority conferred upon the City by Chapter 119 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Kentucky, 1932, as amended.  The Board was established for the purpose of owning and operating all properties, real, personal, and mixed, tangible or intangible, acquired or used or held for use in connection with the Tennessee Valley Authority as of June 30, 1942.  The Board has the legal power and capacity to perform any act not repugnant to law and shall have the express power and capacity to do any and all acts or things necessary or convenient for the carrying out of the purposes of KRS 96.550 to 96.900.  The Board consists of four appointed members, the term of one member expiring each year.  The fifth member of the Board is a representative from the City’s governing body. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 5:00p.m. at the Russellville Electric Plant Board.

The Russellville Electric Plant Board is a municipal electric power distributor that serves the electrical needs of customers in the vicinity of Russellville, KY with 109.7 miles of line. It began providing wireless Internet service to the greater Russellville area in 2006 and expanded its broadband services to video, telephone and high-speed data service in 2011. It currently serves approximately 4,300 electric customers and more than 3,000 broadband customers.

The Russellville Electric Plant Board purchases its electric energy from the Tennessee Valley Authority under an all-requirements power contract.  The REPB has various contracts with video providers, a private phone wholesaler, and Internet gateways.  The Board, once appointed, is autonomous but makes an annual report to the City’s governing body.  As a municipal utility in Kentucky, the Electric Plant Board is not subject to the state’s Public Service Commission.  The EPB’s electric service is regulated by the TVA according to the terms and conditions of its current Power Contract.

The Russellville Electric Plant Board is managed under the direction of the General Manager/Superintendent.  It currently has 19 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees.

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