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Billing and Payment Policy



Our Policy

The Electric Plant Board’s billing and payment policy is designed to insure that all customers are billed promptly and accurately for the services they receive from the EPB and to provide customers with reasonable time and opportunities to pay their bill when due.  The billing and payment policy will be applied without regard of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or marital status.

Meter Reading

The Electric Plant Board uses its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system to remotely read all meters.  The AMI systematically reads customers’ meters, via FTTH network.  Billing schedules read on the same date each month to provide standard billing dates.


As soon as practical after the reading of a customer’s meter, the Electric Plant Board or its agent will mail a bill for service, taxes, fees and any other applicable charges for each individual service location.  Each bill will be sent via the United States Postal Service as a First Class item and will be mailed from a location to be determined by the EPB.  The EPB will use the mailing address for the service location unless directed by the customer to mail to some other address.

Billing Options

As a means to help those residential customers even out their payments and avoid large swings in their monthly billings due to seasonal usage, customers may opt to be billed using either a Levelized Billing or a Budget Billing arrangement offered by the EPB.

Due Date of Bill

All bills are due and payable upon receipt with the standard net payment period for residential customers of not less than 15 days and other classes of service, not less than 10 days, after the date of the bill. Timely receipt of a bill or failure to receive a bill by customer does not relieve customer of the responsibility to make payment when bill is due.  Each bill will show the “Net Amount Due” which is the amount due for all services, taxes, fees and any other charges.  It will also have “Past-Due After” with a date the bill must be paid to avoid late charges.  The bill will also show the Late Charge and the amount that will be due if the bill is not paid by the Past-Due After date.  A payment received in an envelope that bears an official postmark with a date no later than the Past-Due After date, will not incur late charges.

Late Charges

Late charges are based upon 5% of the first $1000.00 for each service and 2% of the amount over $1000.00.  Late charges are not applicable to taxes, fees and other charges included on the bill.

Bill Payment

Payment may be made at the Electric Plant Board office, 165 East Fourth Street, during normal office hours.  The EPB accepts cash, check, and credit or debit cards as forms of payment.  Customers may also make payments over the telephone using a credit card.   After office hours, payment may be made online at, through the customer portal or by depositing payment in the night deposit box on the west side of the building.  The EPB also accepts payment by mail with a check or money order.  Customers with a bank account may use an automatic draft (ACH) on their account to pay their account on the due date.    Efforts will be made to provide additional options for payment when customer demands warrant.

Transfer of Service

Customers who have service and want service turned on at a new location where they are moving to will be deemed as transferring service.  Customers transferring service will be required to pay all outstanding balances from their current service location, a transfer fee, and an additional deposit if required prior to the EPB turning on service at the new service location they are moving to.

Approved by the Board 04/13/ 2017

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