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Disputed Bill Policy



Our Policy

The Electric Plant Board’s disputed bill resolution policy is designed to insure that all customers are afforded the opportunity and means to request a prompt review of their bill if they believe it is in error.  The disputed bill resolution policy will be applied without regard of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or marital status.

Resolution Procedures

A customer who believes their monthly bill is in error shall notify the Electric Plant Board office by phone, mail or in person prior to the “Past Due After” date on the monthly bill.  Payment of the disputed portion of the bill will be postponed until the dispute has been resolved.  A customer waiting to dispute a bill until the EPB has scheduled service to be cut off due to non-payment must pay the bill in full and then begin the resolution process.  Inability to pay a bill when due is not a basis for a disputed bill.

An EPB Customer Service Representative (CSR) will investigate the disputed bill and notify the customer of their findings.  If the CSR is unable to resolve the error/dispute the customer may request the Office Manger to review the bill and make a decision as to the dispute.  In the event the customer is not satisfied with the decision of the Office Manger the customer may request an appointment with the Superintendent to review the disputed bill.

At the review the customer shall present any evidence to support why the bill is in dispute and the Office Manger or his/her representative shall present what efforts the EPB has taken to resolve the dispute or support the correctness of the amount due.  The Superintendent will make a decision within three (3) working days and notify the customer in writing of the decision.  In the event it is deemed the customer owes the disputed bill in whole or in part the decision will specify a date, not to exceed seven days from the date of the decision, that the disputed bill, or portion there of, must be paid to avoid additional collection procedures.

In the event the customer remains unsatisfied with the Superintendent’s decision the customer may request a hearing before the Board of Directors of the EPB at one of its regular monthly meetings.  Such request shall be in writing and delivered to the Superintendent and/or the Secretary to the Board who will schedule the Board hearing at the earliest practical date.  Decisions by the Board are final and shall be conveyed to the customer in writing.

The customer has the right to have other representation at any of the hearings.

Approved by the Board 04/13/ 2017

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