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Meter Access Policy


Our Policy

The Electric Plant Board’s meter access policy is designed to insure that each customer’s meter is located, and remains, so that the meter is easily and safely accessible for Electric Plant Board personnel at all times for the purposes of reading and maintaining. The meter access policy will be applied without regard of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or marital status.

Meter Location and Access

The location of any new meter installation shall be on an outside wall or pole that is acceptable to the EPB.  Any customer who modifies an existing building with an electric service that causes the electric meter to be enclosed or causes the service wire to be over a building, must have the meter base and/or the service wire relocated to a location acceptable to the EPB, at customer’s expense.  It is the responsibility of the customer to provide easy access to the EPB’s meter for EPB personnel at all times.  Any customer who does not provide for easy access to the electric meter for the EPB Personnel by; allowing shrubs, bushes and other plants block access, installing fencing without unlocked access, locked gates across roadways, have dogs or other animals on their property that may pose a danger to EPB personnel, or any other condition or situation that the EPB deems potentially hazardous will be notified in writing by the EPB and given seven (7) days to rectify the problem.  If customer fails to remedy the situation, the EPB will estimate the customer’s usage for that month and add an Inaccessible Meter Fee each month to the customer’s monthly bill until such time the situation is resolved to the EPB’s satisfaction.  If customer’s service is disconnected for any reason, service will not be restored until such time as customer resolves the condition preventing easy and safe access for EPB personnel.

Maintenance of Service Attachment

Customer is responsible for the maintenance of the meter base, ground, riser and/or cable to the point of attachment to the Electric Plant Board’s service wire.  In the event EPB becomes aware that a condition is unsafe or that could prevent the accurate metering of the usage of electricity by customer, a written notice will be sent to customer advising of what action should be taken.  If the situation prevents the accurate metering for service, customer’s usage may be estimated until such time as the problem is corrected.

Maintenance of Meter

The Electric Plant Board is responsible for the maintenance of its meter and metering equipment.

Approved by the Board 04/13/ 2017

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