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Frequently Asked Questions


When is my daily energy usage deducted from my account balance?

Each morning at 8:00, the automated system reads your meter and deducts your previous day’s(last 24 hours) energy usage from your balance. After 8:30, your updated balance is available at

How much do I have to pay if my account goes into a negative balance?

You must pay at least the negative balance amount to keep your service on. If you transferred an old balance when you started the program, 25% of all payments will apply to the old balance until paid in full.

What is the disconnect time if I have an unpaid negative balance?

Once your account balance falls below $0, you have until 8:00 AM the next morning to make a payment to avoid your service being turned off. If no payment is made, the service will automatically be turned off at 10:00 AM. To determine the minimum payment required to keep your service on, login to MyUsage account.


How much do I have to pay to reconnect if disconnected for a $0 balance?

To reactivate your account, you must pay the negative account balance plus, $25 reconnection fee, and a $35 account credit. If you transferred an old balance when you started, 25% of all payments are applied to the old balance until paid. If you have an old balance, login to your MyUsage account to determine your minimum payment due to turn your service back on.

What are “Misc. Charges” on MyUsage?

All customers pay the same fixed monthly customer charge. This fee pays for ongoing maintenance and repair to the electric system. In addition, all customers pay a $6 monthly prepay fee. These fees are broken down into daily fees and are referred to as “Misc. Charges on the MyUsage website.

Can I get an extension to pay later?

Unfortunately, no. The program is an automated service that depends on a positive account balance for the power to remain on.

Can I bring in a voucher?

Vouchers may apply to your account as normal, however if you have a copay, you must pay those before the agency funds will be applied to your account.

What is reconciliation?

MyUsage is a third-party vendor that communicates with EPB’s billing and metering system. Due to communications delays and /or rate structure changes, there may be variations between the EPB billing system and MyUsage that are corrected monthly during reconciliation. This correction will be noted on MyUsage as a “Reconciliation Adjustment”.

Can other people make payments to my account?

Payments can be made to your MyUsage account via the 3 listed payment methods if the payer has your 12-digit account number.

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